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About Me


Hi, my name is Mariana Rocha and I am passionate about life! I love discovering new things - new foods, new health and spiritual practices, and new possibilities on how to make life better; always making healthy choices in order to live a balanced lifestyle.


I believe that everything is possible if you are confident and fearless in taking the steps to fulfill your dreams/goals and I am really keen on transforming the world into a better place. I am a Health Coach certified by IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition – NY), I am certified by different programs focused in meditation and balanced lifestyle practices ( find out more in 'My Last Ones'). I majored in Social Communication and have been certified by the Miami Ad School program, valid all through out the world. And I guarantee there is a lot more about me, much beyond my curriculum ;-).

I truly believe in Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” However, to create change in the world, we first need to look inward. We need to change ourselves for the better. We need to love ourselves, to live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle so we can then have a positive influence on the world around us! 


In a world that we live today is essential to have moments where we can relax and forget all our troubles. It’s amazing that the number of people with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, stress, burn outs are rising every year, sometimes we think that the society is close to a complete freak out.

Well, sure that we all have our moments of happiness and sadness, but wouldn’t be better if we could have more control about our lives, about who we really are and how we can create a balanced lifestyle instead of losing control about little things in life that take away our harmony?




"I inspire lives! My mission here is to help you live in your best potential,

empower you to be what you are meant to be. I truly believe that when we follow our heart is the best way to create a better world for everyone."

That's why the work of a health coach is important, to help you find peace and harmony in your life. I truly believe that to be in a conscious mindset we first need to find balance within us, between our body, mind and spirit, and then, you will notice how easily you will be in balance with your family, colleagues, work and community, helping to transform the world into a better place, like a ripple effect.


Here, we will talk about nutrition, physical activities, meditation, the power of our mind, spirituality, social projects, volunteer work, sustainability, permaculture…well, all those good things for us and for our world.

This time is for you, to discover new paths, different points of view to agree or to make you think.


It’s essential when your mind aligns with your emotions.


Be grateful, share the good, smile to people around you, think positive and be happy!



Mariana Rocha 


Constantly Empowering Others

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