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Health & Fitness Coaching

Get inspired

Find your own balance

and feel emporewed.

To all women that take care of everything and everyone around them, 

now is time to take care of yourselves.

We created this program thinking of you and your amazing life. Let's talk about health and balanced lifestyle. Cook some healthy food, move our bodies and meditate, this integrative process helps you feel empowered and make all the positive changes you need in your life.

Who is the program for?

The program is for everyone that loves healthy lifestyle and 

feels that need a little push on getting on track with healthy tips, 

time management, how to define your goals and making life happen smoothly. 

We will talk about healthy eating, relationships, fitness goals, our purpose in life, spirituality and more.

We encourage you to gather with your friends and create your own group,

It's a nice moment to meet with friends while 

balancing mind and body.


- How many meetings? 4 meetings, 1 per week

- Duration: 2h. 

- Group: min 4 - max 10

- Dinamic: 45min group workout & 1h15 Health Coaching Session

- Material: Each woman will receive a file

with the contents of the meetings and recipes to make it sexy at home ;-)

Sign up


& specials



Specials are other services and events that we promote for you to join! Ask our proefssionals for more details and we are open to receive your tips in a particular subject you would like to know more.

- Shopping in Shape: We go with you to the market to help you buy the right food to nurish your body during the Program.

- One-o- one with our Health Coach for a more customized approach to your entire life & wellness. 

- One-o- one with our Fitness Coach for a more intimate approach to your body activities.

- Groups outdoors activities: Hiking; SUP; Beach Volleyball; Yoga and more


Workshops Coming Up

Health cooking for summer

A few light and nutritions recipes to enjoy the summer and have lots of energy.

Mind & Spirituality 

Meditations and a few practices and activities. 


Healthy Food Cooking for Nannys, Maids and Beloved Helpers

A few quick recipes to inspire health cooking for kids.


Healthy Food Cooking Class & Inspirational Coaching

This is a fun class for friends or people with the same interested in a balanced and healthy lifestyle approach to life. In that class we will get together for good food, good chat and inspiring thinking.



Mindful Eating Workshop!

Time to be grateful with our beloved earth and eat whole food from the season, enjoy each time of the process, since when we buy the food until the final bite.

- New researches about mindfulness eating

- The relationship how you eat it’s as important as what you eat!


We are?

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Raquel Salvadori
"My actual philosophy is: to make a difference in people’s lives".

I am a Fitness Coach for Personal Training & Assessment. I received a Bachelor’s in Healthy, Physical Education & Exercise Science from UNIP- SAO PAULO UNIVERSITY - BRAZIL.

After University I’ve never stop learning. I got my Pos Graduation Certification on Weight Lifting and Cardio Conditioning at FMU - Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am a Certified Trainer in USA from NCCPT and Certified Crossfit Coach.

I’ve been working as a trainer for 17 years and FITNESS is my life. 


As a trainer I developed an equipment for REEBOK and CIRQUE DU SOLEIL called Jukari FIT to FLY.

With this equipment I traveled overseas: Europe, USA, Latin America. I am currently a Personal Trainer at Equinox gym in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, California. I help people to have a better and longer life through a Healthy Lifestyle.


I do believe that practicing exercise is important not just for the body but also for the mind. Being commited and getting discipline help you achieve anything you want in life. Exercises makes me feel happy and powerful

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Mariana Rocha
"I want to inspire lives!
My mission here is to help you live in your best potential and feel empowered to be who you are meant to be. I truly believe that when we follow our heart is the best way to create a better world for everyone".

Hello Everyone!

I am passionate about life! I love discovering new things - new foods, new health and spiritual practices, and new possibilities on how to make life better; always making healthy choices in order to live a positive and balanced lifestyle.


I believe that everything is possible if you are confident and fearless in taking the steps to fulfill your dreams/goals and I am really keen on transforming the world into a better place. 


I am founder of Bliss Corporation, CEO at Quero Harmonia ( a Health Coach certified by IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition – NY) a Basic Mindfulness instructor by  Unifesp (.São Paulo major University for Medical School) I majored in Social Communication from FAAP in São Paulo, Brazil and have been certified by the Miami Ad School program, with I’ve worked and lived all through out the world ( Madrid, Hamburg, Paris, Boulder, NY and Austin).

I am constantly studying about health, spirituality, human development and how to help others to live in their full potential in order to create a better world for everybody being balanced, positive and happy.

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