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Learn about people who have had their lives
transformed through this Health Coach guindance
and get inspired by their stories!
"I was gifted to get to know Mari and this new perspective of the world about health coaching in a moment that I needed most, but I was missing balance in my life and I was willing to change. I was stressed, accumulating a lot of emotions and frustrations, that impacted directly in my health.
I wasn't sure about what I should expect about our first session, but it was amazing, I could see how we would work to evolve in a spiritual and physical way. To start to get to know me, Mari could give me the light that I needed to evolve more and more each day. I still have a lot to learn, and I know we will never know at all, but thats the cool thing about life: wanting the best of ourselves in any circumstances".

/// Fernanda Molina

" Mariana is an outstanding professional, very dedicated, knowledgeable and competent. She helped me a lot in my process of change habits for a fuller life, calm and with quality. She helped me to realize how we can see life with good and positive eyes, and helped me to improve my eating habits and increase my mental, spiritual and body awareness.


In addition to the perseverance and patience, Mariana , does its job of a "health coach" like a few others in Brazil and is helping to consolidate this new concept and profession here. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for a new personal fulfillment !"

/// Patrícia Augustin

" My experience with Mariana's Health Coaching Program and the multiple practices and techniques of meditation and mindfulness has led me to develop a much happier and abundant life. Among the numerous special experiences I have had, one which stands out the most is learning how to love and take care of myself as a main pillar for a healthy, loving and purpose overflowing life."

/// Filipe Sabará

"I found Mariana in the most difficult phase of my life. The main objective was to look inside myself to find balance to keep doing my daily activities and new ones that came with a severe case of illness in the family. She was extremely patient, calm and, most importantly, present and dedicated . She taught me many things, but the main one was that there is a bright side in any situation - that look optimistic is inherent in Mariana and few people have the ability to convey this in a practical way. More than a Health Coach, I found an inspiration. Thanks for the great work! "

/// Tânia Almeida

"Besides being inspiring fbecause or her own history and attitudes in life, Mari has an amazing intuition. Do not be fooled by her angel face, she will make huge impacts with healthy habits that she does not only read in books, but she practices in her personal life. With high energy and contagious serenity, she can lead the transformation in a spectacular way .


When we have the guidance from whom does what she/he preaches everything happens much easier . "



/// Harue Ciarlini

All of them got inspired and changed their lives with Health Coaching 

Start a healthier and happier life TODAY!

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