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What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach helps you step-by-step along the way to achieve a balanced and healthier lifestyle. The program is made based on your goals and needs considering the bio-individuality of each person and company.

Health Coaching

Individual Session


This program is designed to help create a happier and healthier you by reducing stress and improving energy levels so that you can conquer your goals of living a balanced life.


My goal is to help you connect mind, body and spirit. The connection of these three things is key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Through a set of tools, you’ll learn to become more aware of yourself and full potential. Ultimately, allowing you to discover who you really are.


Through meditation, creating a plan to reach your goals, and creating healthy meals that are easy and practical for your daily life, I can help you find harmony and create a life you’ll love.


How does the program work?

It's 12 meetings of 45-50 minutes each, twice a month during 6 months.

We can also do a program of weekly meetings during 3 months.

If you want to chat to know more and understand how it works, book a courtesy session!


Welcome and start to have a healthier life in all ways NOW!




Health Coaching

Group Session


Both the individual and group program are similar. However, the transformation that occurs in a group program is very powerful because of the built-in support system that allows you to form deep connections with those on a similar path.


You can choose to join a group where you’ll meet some amazing new people or start your own group with people you already know.


To join a group or create your own group contact me at









Consulting, Courses, Workshops & Events


We provide customized health and wellness programs, courses, speeches, workshops, and events to meet your company's needs.




Today's research shows that there is a need for a healthier and harmonious workplace that inspires employees to live a more balanced lifestyle. Creating a wellness program for your company will have a positive effect not only on your employees but also have a direct affect on the growth of the company. Cultivating a better working environment for employees, ultimate leads to increased profits.





Our customized courses, workshops and events will include: meditation practices healthy meals workshops, and inspirational and educative talks by qualified professionals in the health and wellness field.





Start a balanced lifestyle NOW

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